Comtec Technology Asia LTD. (EST 1991 in Hong Kong) 

Comtec Technology HK is a Hi-Tech, Micro-Dynamics, CNC*, CAD/CAM Routing, Engraving & Carving system facilities. This facility was one of the first to emerge in the CAD/CAM, CNC Technical services in 1991.

COMTEC Technology (FIRST IN ENGRAVING) to offer a vital engraving to world creativity for customers, and dedicated to providing the most innovation Technology + Experience services.

 *CNC is the abbreviation of computer numerical control machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool controlled by the program.

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CNC Engraving &  Cutting services on a wide range of materials:

granite stone, ceramic tile, slate, solid wood, plywood, MDF, steel, iron, aluminum,  copper,   brass, acrylic. 


Comtec Technology Asia LTD.​

Hong Kong Government Arch'SD Approved Suppliers of Materials & Specialist Contractors….Reg. No. 2558P-2004.

Hong Kong Government "Drainage Services Department" Approved Supplier......87046065A

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) Approved Suppliers......E43060515


Hong Kong Baptist University......(Supplier ID 8997)

The Education University of Hong Kong. (Registered Vendor #21623)

MTR Corporation Limited  (Registered contractor / Supplier: #1013451)

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Registration Supplier           

TAI KWUN  (The Jockey Club CPS Limited) (Registered Supplier: VM-00699)

Hong Kong Ocean Park (Registered Vendor: #408899)  

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (FMS supplier #16760)

Faculty of Medicine The Chinese University of Hong Kong---(Supplier REF.No.16956)

Hong Kong Housing Society (Registered Vendor 201608)

Hong Kong Academy of Medicine---(Facility services & supplier, REF No.201711-02)

 Kum Shing Group金城營造集團 (Vendor:  VC3348) 

for Metal(金屬) 

for WOOD(實木)

At Comtec Technology, we help you to make a difference!

stone granite

 “STONE-CARVING” typically customers will utilize granite\marble for their stone inlays but we can cut & engrave your favorite logo or pattern on most hard surfaces.

stone art

COMTEC Technology provides Engraving / Carving services with a wide variety of Granite, all at photo-quality resolution.


Your partner with over 28 years experience in Engraving, Carving, Cutting services. 

stone Engraving for HKCU
Comtec's HK factory
Comtec's HK factory
plywood pattern engraving--'made in Hong Kong'
plywood pattern engraving--'made in Hong Kong'
stone engraving for coffee table
stone engraving for coffee table
GraniteMarble Projects reference
GraniteMarble Projects reference

stone granite on a hall

stone granite engraving 

granite pattern engraving

wooden plaque for HKSYU
wooden plaque for HKSYU
Black granite stone engraving
Black granite stone engraving
Hong Kong
Hong Kong